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Our team of seasoned professionals has produced Award-Winning projects all over the world. We’ve garnered many awards from film Oscars to BAFTA nominations. Numerous recognition awards for producing stellar events – cultural, music, food, fashion & film!

Toronto, Ontario

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Lina Dhingra

Entrepreneur & Film Producer
Award-Winning Entertainment Mogul (PR & Celebrity Events)
Territories: Toronto, France, India, LA

Independent producing credits include GALAXY BUILT ON HOPETHE BLACK PRINCE, MUMBAI’S KINGRIDDLE OF THE BLACK CAT, SAFED and Star Wars Documentary in honour of the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars Ltd
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Roger Christian

Lecturer, Author
Academy Award-Winning Film Director
Territories: Toronto, UK

Christians innovative work won him an Oscar by creating the look for Star Wars and introducing the iconic lightsaber to a global audience. Nominated as Art Director for Ridley Scott’s Alien….
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John Tavares

Entrepreneur, Screenwriter

John is an accomplished screenplay writer based in the Greater Toronto Area. In addition to his writing career, John has also been a successful entrepreneur for over two decades. He has founded and managed several businesses in a variety of industries.
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Jaime Tavares

Digital Experience Developer & Analyst

Jaime specializes in many different areas of technology and programming, and is constantly learning new concepts to expand his knowledge and areas of expertise, including web/app development, big-data management, and content creation…
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France & Toronto, Ontario

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Theo Girardot

Creative Coordinator

Theo Girardot, hails from France is now a Creative Producer on two films with karmaLina Films. He now resides in Toronto. Graduated in 2022 with a Master of Science in Creative Industries…
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London, UK

Steve_Sidwell GameChangers

Steve Sidwell

Conductor, Composer, Instrumentalist

Swing music specialist, also the trumpeter for the Michael Nyman Band.He conducted the band during Robbie Williams’ performance in the Royal Albert Hall. This performance was later released on DVD…
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Paul Spong

Composer, Musician

For 25 years Paul has worked his way around the music industry, starting as a Trumpet player with The National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Great Britain and The European Youth Jazz Orchestra…
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Mumbai, India

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Meera Chopra

Actor, Producer

Meera Chopra is an Indian actor, working in various Indian languages which includes Hindi, Tamil, Telugu. She completed her studies in the USA and worked in New York for a couple of years. Her passion for acting made her shift back to her home country and she started dabbling with auditions. Since 2007 she’s been acting in mainstream cinema and has done more than 40 feature films.

Since over the last couple of years she has been concentrating and picking woman centric films, stories that can elevate and empower women on various levels. Shes taken part in many forums where she actively speaks about gender inequality and women safety and empowerment. Meera belongs to a film family. Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Parineeti Chopra are her cousins.

Meera has recently turned a producer, she wants to make stories that can inspire the youth of today and educate them about their own history, culture and roots.

New Delhi, India

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Vikas Ghai

Executive Producer

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Vedika Ghai

Production Coordinator & Stills Set Photographer

I am Vedika Ghai, an aspiring film producer currently under the mentorship of Lina Dhingra. I have a deep passion for the film industry and I am committed to learning all aspects of film production.

I am eager to gain hands-on experience and develop my skills in all aspects of film production.

With the mentorship from an experienced film producer, sharing her knowledge and expertise with me, I am on a path to becoming a successful filmmaker . I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and am ready to make my mark in the world of film production.


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Charl Baker

Actor, Producer

A Tree with many branches! … Charl Baker is Canadian born but Jamaican made.
She is an artist, designer, stylist and a muralist. A creative individual that delights
in making something from nothing.
Art is just an extension of my soul. I truly believe i was born to create. “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” I use various mediums to express creativity. My interest in visual and performing arts is multifarious. I continue to pursue creative endeavors and my passion for the arts is the driving force behind my business Studio 969. 
So whether I am styling for the latest film, commercial or music video or creating a new look for an upcoming artist or existing super star my signature is evident. I think of life as my ever changing canvas – where fabric transforms to jewelry and recycled materials and wire take root and become my “Trees of Life”. Painting is the voice that I give to my minds eye for murals or other works of art.
Once my hands and the art are engaged, this is my bliss continued development of my craft.

Creative expression is my souls desire.
The artistic journey continues… the best is yet to come! 

Notable Credits

Feature Films – B25 (Costume & BreakDown), B&J On the Run II, Yardie, Destiny,

 Better Mus Come 

Short Films: KENDAL, Marcus: The UNTOLD Story , Good Country People,

Propella Shorts: AGWE, Going Down, CODE, FeverDream, Mango Wars, City of Mine

Music Vids : Stephen Marley, Chronixx, Keznamdi, Tarrus Riley, Christopher Martin

Artist Image Creation : Jolly Boys ( Sade – Soldier of Love European Tour) 

Murals : Kingston Creative – Water Lane, Paint Jamaica ( Fleet street)- Warehouse & Holy Trinity School , Bob Marley Museum ( front gate, Rita Marley – visitors center ) Opa ( Hope Rd)  Chilitos ( Frida Khalo)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Patrick Seers

Executive Creative Director

Launched in January 2013 and we’re totally stoked as Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful city and there’s so many opportunities for our team! We’ve partnered up with Seers and our first project was an Investor’s Video for the Government of Malaysia. We currently have two films in development.

Istanbul, Turkey

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Melissa Kurtay

Producer, Director

Melisa has been actively working in both production and direction side of behind the camera since 2001…
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